Sunday, 17 June 2012

DELHI yaar

To name this blog, it took me exactly the same amount of time it took Gavaskar to score 36 of 174 balls against England. Phew!

Blogging for the first time. Feel like Sachin in his nervous 90’s. So I arrive at 730 PM on a Sunday in DELHI <Insert “in caps” clich├ęd joke> and its still day (sun sets only at 8 and my face had the same expression of an average L board scooty pep rider who is suddenly asked to 8 pottu-fy by the RTO officer).

 I live in a place where you will find a mall for every two meters. There is absolutely no connection between me and this city. If you ask a question like “Kya bath hai?” to me I would probably reply “Shower bath hai”. Like how Harris Jeyaraj’s songs are to people, Hindi is like that to me (Omhaseeya and Hindi #PotentialSameguy ). You cannot blame me,  Tambrahm parents always wanted their children to take Sanskrit over Hindi because his/her child, a Subramanian, can score 20 marks more than a Chopra and come first in the average bracket. To quote Kamaal R Khan “ Kiss to average and kick to all those who did not get 90”

So yeah, the area I live in is called Arjun maarg (Gurgaon). At first when I entered, it was kind of Maargam only without any street lights (which gave me a slight grin thinking about the power cuts back home) later which I found out that a Corolla found in this area is like finding a Vegetarian Brahmin back in Chennai, avalo rare, like me. I don’t know whether they bought these Audis in Aadi sale but dei what will you do with so many cars? Back in Chennai ladies are struggling to maintain their aathukars only <insert seewhatIdidthere hashtag>. Sachin (god) knows what you ll do with them. One more thing, there are no plastic bags in Delhi. Honestly asking how do you expect a Tambrahm to stay here? We create a business out of saving plastic bags ‘yaar’.

One very good thing I like about this city – Ladies. They are one kankondaa kaatchi only, till they open their mouth but never mind. #equaltoP. They are also like our Ambi mamas only. One cloth oho nu vaazhkai types. Puppy shame.

But come what May, June or July, you cannot beat Chennai and its curd rice. #CSKrockzz.

I don’t know how I am going to complete this post like how a professional blogger would as I don’t have anything else to write. Like I said before, I feel like Sachin in his nervous 90’s and it could take me a year to complete it ;).

 If you would like to use un-parlimentary words or if you have some sane things to tell please pass it on to this twitter handle @achu17


  1. And thats how we all start Aswanth....welcome to blogging (and your cherry-popping)...the pain eases, the passage widens and it becomes easier with time...
    p.s.if you dint get the above reference - wait till you turn "major" or you can visit my blog ""- for a crash course...cheers...

  2. P.P.S. and a special thanks to Lavanya Mohan who tweeted me this bloglink

  3. Adadey! Romba nala iruku ambi.

  4. Not a Tam-Brahm (Kan-Brahm if there's such a thing) but close enough. I'm all set to go to Delhi in a couple of months and this kind of prepares me for what to expect..

    Great post and really like the blog name! :D

  5. Duuuudee! My kind of writing style! Lowwe it! Waiting to see more man :)

  6. I like the bit about the plastic bags ... concise and humorous :)

  7. macha chance a illai da. finance padikkame ithu padichitirukken