Saturday, 23 June 2012

Naan-Vegetarian, Tu?

Ah, wanted to write about this long back even before Gandhi did a Dandi march. So yeah, just like how you cannot take a Punjab out of a lion, you cannot take a bloody vegetarian out of a Non Vegetarian. These people qualify as a synonym for quite a few words apart from KD.

They not only thulp-ify an animal but they TOUCH OUR PANEER MAN. If we weren’t taught to share food when we were young, we would have simply shown our three fingers and asked them to read between the lines. That is also bearable and as Russel Peters would say – take it and go. But do they stop there? NO. The price of their Chilly Chicken = twice the price of our Chilly Paneer. Innocently, they would share the bill in the end and make it look like it was all fair. As it is all that a vegetarian can have is Paneer, Mushrooms, Aloo etc. only. Why don’t you guys look at chicken and goat just like how you look at dogs? No Oniya for them? Poor souls no?

If you think these people are KD much, nope wait for it. There is this set of people with a special A Raja touch. This set solidly swallows every creature that moves, on all days except one day. Just make a note of those days and take them out because for a Vegetarian it is good to eat with a lot of other vegetarians because you can try different stuff. Certain people follow it and the sly ones who don’t (even after several warnings given by their family that ‘ummachi’ will poke his eyes), give a standard dialogue “ Hey I don’t feel like eating chicken today”. That’s when you WARN YOURSELF J. What does this fellow do? The minute that chicken is placed on the table, he starts to touch the capsicum and then moves on to the chicken and the whole cycle of unfortunate and inevitable events occur again. These people are the backstabbers or to simply put it in tamil Aasaiyakaati Mosam panravanga.

To all those Vegetarians and Eggitarians out there, stay careful. The least I can do is to ask Rahul Gandhi to visit us.

PS: Take it easy. Full on respect for all you Omnivores, Carnivores and Cannibals. Pie throwing or saliva spitting activities are discouraged


  1. "shown our three fingers and asked them to read between the lines" - *applauds*

    1. Haha not bad you understood :P Thanks!

    2. Ha ha super that ur experience....most of all I like that PS....ha ha lol

  2. Haha got swindled many a time huh? At least you didn't diss our choice of being non-vegetarian like most people do. Kudos for that :)

  3. There you said it! Couldn't agree more!:P

  4. "ummachi will poke his eyes"
    thanx for reminding! :D