Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Mokkai, really?

I was just wondering if anybody has written a post on 'Mokkai'. Since I couldnt find any, I decided to write a very short post about it. Do you know how difficult it is to crack a Mokkai? Oh to all you non-tamil speaking ones, Mokkai is nothing but critical thinking. Don’t get it? Let me give you an example: ‘Getting hit with a slipper would heel better’. Lets go deeper. A Mokkai can possible bring out three expressions.

>     The first one being 'A Mokkai to be remembered' – It ll make the person literally ROFL

>       The second one is where the listener hits his/her head but smiles. Don’t understand? We do this when Joginder Sharma bowls his first over

>     The third is where the listener hits his/her head along with an expression that would beat Jyothika by a point or two. We do this when Joginder sharma bowls more than just one over

I would love to call a good mokkai as critical thinking simply because Mokkai has different meanings (as mentioned above). People are used to saying mokkai padam, mokkai ya Irundadu, mokkai sir, etc, and it gives a negative feel to it, honestly. So what happens when some one cracks a good joke? People say ‘he cracked a Mokkai’. Trust me, it makes that person not feel good about cracking it. Am I getting too serious here? 

This art of cracking a Mokkai is unique. The ability to think in split seconds and come up with something that would tickle the bones is not easy, mind you. Crazy Mohan is a specialist. A classic mokkai would be the one from Panchathanthiram – “Its an Upper engine, Ambla engine I mean Mael engine.. upper deck la” To crack a Mokkai requires great sense of humour and the ability to play around with words and letters.
Most of the times Mokkai is cracked due do the Homophonic nature of word.

One other reason why I would love to rename Mokkai as Critical thinking is because when you google “What is a Mokkai”  this is what it gives – “This is truly a word which means talking irrelevant, Boring lectures, Waste jokes. Many times it may also refer 2 a person's name.”  Sorry mate, lets please give this word another name!?


  1. Whatte! :D An all new definition! ;)

  2. Being a "Critical thinker" myself, to see a blog on mokkai-awesome and insinuated google search results for the same- "mokka postku" ivlo homewrk ah? :)nice read

  3. well baked and served blog of ' mokkai ' :P cheers