Thursday, 25 April 2013

Outside the consulate

On a Monday morning, I was waiting for Rajdeep Sardesai to tweet good morning so that I could wake up and go to the US consulate where I had an appointment at 730 AM. Unfortunately, Rajdeep had a crazy night I guess, so I decided to wake up on my own and get ready.

The Visa procedure discouraged us to carry anything except the relevant "I am an Indian and I wish to come back" documents and passport. So I was wondering where I could slip in my House documents as I decided to take an Auto ride. In Chennai, you either have to carry your will or possess enough jewellery (basically weight ah na party) that would help you to pay the Auto fare.

PS: While typing out the word 'Jewellery', Prabhu actually appeared on screen and asked if it had Seidhaaram and Seikuli, I had to use the task manager to end task the bot.

So, the auto covered around 1.5 kms to reach the US consulate from my place but he charged me the same amount that Indian Railways charge from Chennai to Bangalore.

I had to wait about 1 and a half hours outside the US consulate and I had witnessed probably one of the worst set of conversations ever. Let me share the Top 3:

Conversation 1

Random mom: Hey, have you applied fair and lovely properly today?
Her Daughter: Why ma?
Random mom: Because, if the interviewer is a white guy and if you are fair, he would think you look "Foreign" and give you Visa  easily

I was searching for an Ashok Leyland Lorry to place my head.

Conversation 2:

Random Guy: Hey you are going to get US Visa aaah?
Another random guy: Yes sir, and you?

Dear brothers, you are standing outside the bloody US Consulate. Will they give Malaysian Visa or what!!?

Conversation 3:

One guy actually asked me this: Boss, if they dont give me US visa, will they put me in Jail?

I am still figuring out why he asked me this.

Though I dont care about conversations 2 and 3, conversation 1 just got me angry. Its funny how few of them still feel its better to be white. Its funny how their mind works.


  1. Well, there is a reason why some people abroad think of us as shit-heads, because some of these shit-heads do actually make it abroad.